Reviews Coast Spas Discusses The Advantages Of Going To College


In the current economic climate, more and more people, including Reviews Coast Spas, are starting to wonder if going to college is still a viable option. At the end of a 4-year degree, you are left with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans and only a slightly better chance of getting a better job. In the past, having a college degree meant you would get a better paying job, but not anymore. One of the reasons is due to the selection of the field of study, and the other is the lingering Baby Boomer generation. In the past, as the new generation was graduating from college (or university if you prefer), they would replace their parents in their jobs and the parents would replace the grandparents. We are not talking about a family business or even the new generation directly replacing their parents and so on. We simply mean the current generation was filling jobs in their selected fields of study. Well, we are here to tell you that there are still advantages to going to college.

The Advantages

College is not just a time for fun, but a time to learn the building blocks of your selected field. With school being just a few short years, it does not allow for an extended period of time to train you for specific jobs. This means you will learn the broad strokes. This is fine since you will have the following benefits.

  • Earn more – The earning gap between those with an education and those without is widening every year. In the 1960s there was only a difference of $7,000 between those educated and those who joined the workforce directly after High School. Now, that wage gap is approaching $20,000 yearly.
  • Satisfaction – Going to college will allow you to explore your options in a way that you just can’t in the workforce. On average, college students change their major 3 times before they graduate. However, this exploration finds that when they finally join the workforce, they are more satisfied in their jobs than their peers that chose not to go to college.
  • Cost of Not Going – For those with a college degree, recent polls have shown these people are more economically advantaged than those who chose not to go to college. The reason is they are earning more money, as we outlined above.
  • Happiness – In recent studies, it has shown that college graduates are healthier and happier than their non-college graduate counterparts. In addition, they tend to live 9 years longer as they do not suffer from the same job risks as those who did not go to college.


Reviews Coast Spas would like to remind those thinking about going to college, that just like with purchasing a spa to put at your home, this is an investment. Some investments pay off faster than others, but they pay off just the same. So, while you may not enter the workforce making a ton of money, you will end up making more in the long run.