How to promote your IGTV videos to get more views and Instagram followers

Instagram has launched its latest feature IGTV that supports long form and vertical video format in June 2018. With the launch of IGTV, it opens the doors to promote your brand or business in a more effective way. Moreover, IGTV videos can engage more audience and give you loyal following on Instagram as you can upload up to one-hour long video using this feature. Here, you can discover how to promote your Instagram TV videos to get more Instagram followers and views as well. This means that your mouth of the word will reach to the more people once you buy Instagram followers from different vendors. So let's go!

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Use Facebook to promote your IGTV videos: Facebook is the largest social media platform where you can connect with billions of people. So, once you upload the video on IGTV, always share it with your Facebook profile first. As you already know Facebook is the parent company of Instagram and they want to help encourage the users watching Instagram TV videos. By sharing your IGTV video on Facebook, your Facebook followers can watch your videos and they might likely to follow you on Instagram too. That way you can get more views and gain more following count.

Use Instagram stories to promote your IGTV videos: Instagram stories are one of the best ways to promote your IGTV video. All to need to create a short trailer of your IGTV video like a movie trailer and promote it on your Instagram stories. As people are more likely to watch Instagram stories rather than Instagram feed. It is super easy to create a trailer for your story, use Camtasia studios to make it and let the people know what you are and why they should watch your IGTV videos. Instagram has introduced the ‘swipe up’ feature on the Instagram story, when you swipe up it will take to you straight to Your IGTV video (only those people use this feature who had 10,000+ Instagram followers). But anyone can use this feature for promoting IGTV videos on their stories to direct the users to their Instagram TV videos.

Use Instagram live to promote your IGTV videos: Although, Instagram live is a little bit different to Instagram stories you can promote your IGTV videos here too. IGTV videos are long videos, so you can use live video to do CTA (call to action) in this case. Let the people know that they can learn more about this topic on Instagram TV videos. People who are also a YouTuber can include the link of their YouTube video and promote it to engage more people.

Promote your IGTV videos to Twitter: Twitter is a great platform when it comes to promoting your content either it is a YouTube video or IGTV video. Write a simple yet appealing tweet about your video that compels your audience to view your video. Add the link of the video at the end of the tweet. Moreover, you can add an eye-catching graphics related to your video and share it with the link of the video to Twitter. Don’t forget to add a suitable hashtag with your tweet to get more attention. Promoting your video on Twitter can give you more views, likes, and Instagram followers.