About Us

Hi there! I'm Carmen, the owner and creative director of The Website Store.

Thank you so much for visiting our site, we're thrilled that you're here. Please have a browse around, and of course, contact us if you have any questions - we love to help! I began The Website Store at the beginning of 2013 after finding that so many people I knew with small businesses either 1) didn't have a website - even though websites are a total and utter MUST in this modern age of readily available information technology - or 2) weren't happy with either the look or feel of their current website, and found they received little or no support. Plus, let's face it - expensive websites are so not attractive!

The whole point of a website is to expand your customer base, become available in online searches, and to promote (and sell) to customers you wouldn't have otherwise had. Yes, these are all great results of getting a website built - but not if the website costs thousands for the design and development and a great deal to host and maintain.

SO began the evolution of The Website Store - where our mission is to design and build BEAUTIFUL, USABLE, and EFFECTIVE WEBSITES, provide you with the very best customer service and unlimited support, for an AFFORDABLE PRICE.

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